Yuri Bykov

Research Fellow

My area of research interest is investigation and developing metaheuristic optimisation techniques. My work here includes the theoretical studies of algorithmic performance with different problems, improving the effectiveness of models, problem's representation and search techniques in different application areas, such as Timetabling, Scheduling, Bioinformatics, Grid Scheduling, Logistic and Transportation problems.

I am carrying out a research into an algorithmic behavior in respect of correlations between different search characteristics and their influence onto the overall performance, the algorithmic reliability, the time-cost balance in optimization, the systematization of different problem types in respect of the algorithmic feedback, the user-computer interaction in optimization processes (including parameterization complexity) and bridging the gap between theory and practice in optimization.

Few days ago I have opened my Metaheuristic Optimization Forum. It is almost empty now, but you are welcome to place your posts or register there.

Heuristics love the testing. Compare different search heuristics with my Multiheuristic Optimization Software.

I have proposed a new optimisation method called Late Acceptance Hill-Climbing.

In December 2011 I have won a 1st place prize in the International Optimisation Competition using the algorithm based on the Late Acceptance Hill-Climbing. Please, visit also my unofficial web page where I am collecting an information about participating algorithms.

I have proposed an adaptive modification of Geat Deluge metaheuristic, called Flex-Deluge algorithm.

I have developed an Active Data Specification Format (ADSF) for Multi-problem optimisation benchmarks.


2003. PhD in Computer Science. The University of Nottingham. Thesis: "Time-Predefined and Trajectory-Based Search: Single and Multiobjective Approaches to Exam Timetabling".

1990. Computer-Vertriebs-Union, Berlin GmbH, Germany. Courses on computing.

1987. St. Petersburg Marine Technical University, Russian high degree in engineering (5.5 years course). Thesis: "The automated control system of the vessel movement".

1981. Russian equivalent to "A-level".

Work experience:

Starting from 2003 I work in the University of Nottingham as a Research Fellow on following projects:
* A Hybrid Meta-heuristic Approach to Simplified Sequence-Structure-Function Problems (42/BIO14458)
* Towards More General Optimisation/Search Systems (GR/S70197/01)
* Next Generation Decision Support: Automating the Heuristic Design Process (EP/D061571/1)
* The LANCS Initiative in Foundational Operational Research: Building Theory for Practice (EP/F033214/1)

In 1995-2000 I worked in software company "Elant Ltd." as director on research and software development. The duties comprised the complete circle of the development and distribution of high quality software product: idea, algorithm, programming, design, description and testing. I was also involved in advertising, marketing, supporting a distributor's network, exhibitions, user's support, internet marketing, finance management, etc.

In 1987-1994 I worked in St. Petersburg Marine Technical University, in Laboratory of system modelling as junior research associate. The research comprised the investigation and development of the algorithms of artificial intelligence marine onboard systems.

My publications:

See the list of my publication at Google Scholar.

My early publications in russian journals:

"Nevsky Assembly" N 3, 1995
"Financial Paper" N 8,1995
"Russian Soft" N 2, 1996
"ReadMe" N 2, 1997
"Print & Publishing" NN 2,3, 1997
"Book-Keeping and Audit" N 2, 1998

Author copyright certificate:

"Software system for risk-management "Business-Prognosis" RusAPO Patent N 960170.

My E-mail:
My home page: www.yuribykov.com
Worktime Phone: +44 (0)115 846 6451
Address: Yuri Bykov
Nottingham University Business School
Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road
Nottingham NG8 1BB
United Kingdom

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